What’s on Bungalow4171

Colombian afternoon Saturday 29th June 2019 from 12pm to 5.30pm


SEATING TIMES 7 TO 8.30 AM / 8.30 TO 10.30/ 10.30 TO 12PM

 Phone: (07) 38999956 or email bungalow4171@outlook.com.au



(Share Plater) Mini croissants with jam or peanut butter.                                    $6

(Share plater) of Mini arepas with feta and mozzarella cheese                             $6

Share plater with your choice of Bread with vegemite, Jam or peanut butter.  $6


TWO JUMBO FREE range eggs, any style with sourdough, tomato salsa bacon.                   $15.00

SMASHED AVO.    – Marinated tomatoes – soy linseed sourdough with red kidney

Beans hummus, rocket with infused basil   . (Vegetarian /Vegan) GF Bread option.            $18.00            

MEDITERRANEAN BREAKFAST- Scramble egg mix with button mushroom and chorizo

 – topped with Feta cheese, cherry tomatoes and rocket.  Side of sourdough bread.            $18.50

COLOMBIAN CALENTADO – Fried rice mixed with dice chicken, dice chorizo, corn

and black beans.  Topped with fried egg, shredded fried potatoes and Hogao[YL1] .                      $23.50    

CAULIFLOWER RISSOLES.   Cauliflower rissoles on BBQ corn puree, topped with

 Two poached eggs, chives sour cream and smoke paprika oil.  (Vegetarian/GF)                   $19.00

FIESTA PANCAKES- Buttermilk pancakes topped with banana, strawberries,

 Blueberries, chocolate syrup and mango cream.  (VG)                                                                $17.00

PAN DE YUCA WAFFLES (TAPIOCA WAFFLES) Cheese and tapioca flour mix waffles

Topped with berries sauce and Vanilla Ice-cream.  (GF) (VG)                                                       $17.00

BUNGALOW BIG BREAKFAST. Avocado, bacon, pork sausage- roasted tomatoes-

Cheese corn tortilla- your choice of eggs with a side of Hollandaise sauce.                             $25.00


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