Brunch Menu

Bungalow4171 Brunch menu has been designed and inspired from our cultural background of Spain and Latin America.

We want to share the flavours than take us back to our origin places…Join us in our flavour journey.

Bungalow Brunch Menu

Choice of bread with vegemite, jam or peanut paste $5

Fruit & nut toast with jam $6

Butter croissant with butter &/or jam $5

Tomato & cheese croissant $6.5

Leg ham & cheese croissant $7

Tomato, leg ham & cheese croissant $7.5

Speciality brekky available between 7am to 11.30

Something Sweet: 

Sweet Arepas. Colombian Sweet corn pancake  with jam, sour Cream, butter $12.00

Fiesta Pancakes – Buttermilk pancakes with banana, strawberries and blueberries -Chocolate and mango cream – Vegetarian $17.00

Something Else…

Eggs on Toast. Two jumbo eggs, any style with sourdough and Tomato Salsa $10.50

Spanish Tortilla – Potato’s, chorizo, Spanish onions and eggs $12.00

Cazuela de Patatas –  Casserole dish of bake potatoes, onion and bacon with melted mozzarella $12.00

Smashed avo. Red Kidney Humus – Marinated Tomatoes -Basil Oil – Wild rocket – Sourdough Bread –  Vetetarian & Vegan $18.00 (GF) swap GF Bread

Mediterranean Breakfast. Scrambled eggs with button mushroom truffle in white truffle oil and Thyme – Chorizo – fetta cheese – Sourdough  $18.50

Cauliflower rissoles – BBQ corn Puree – Cauliflower rissoles, Chive Sour Cream – Poached eggs ,Smoked paprika oil Veg/GF $19.00

Colombian Breakfast. Yellow and white corn Flour arepas, Avocado, Ricotta Cheese, one poach egg and Hogao  $18.50

Bungalow Big Breakfast – Sourdough – Spinach – Bacon – Halloumi – Poached eggs – Hollandaise Sauce- Roasted tomatos $25.00

Add ons 7am – 11:30

Jam/vegemite/peanut paste/tomato relish/spinach/roast tomato $1.5

Sourdough/soy linseed sourdough/gluten free bread /Sauce Hollandaise $2.5

Jumbo free Egg/ Halloumi $3.00

Avocado cheek $4.

Bacon/pork sausage/smoked salmon/Chorizo $5

Healthy Bowls


Apple, Pineapple, berries  coconut yogurt

Organic coconut

Pineapple, coconut yogurt, granola, seeds, nuts

Pink dragon

pink pataya, Roasted coconut, watermelon, pineapple, Coconut youghurt

– Add quinoa granola for $1 (granola not gluten free)